We know moving is stressful – but did you know there’s something even more stressful than moving? Packing and unpacking! It’s time consuming, tedious and a lot of work.

At Quasar Movers, we’re experienced packers and movers who can handle just about every aspect of your move. Our home packing services in Nairobi can include packing up all of your possessions, providing you with the materials you need to pack your possessions, safely and efficiently transporting all of your items to the new location and unpacking in the new location.

A Complete Packing and Moving Service – Built to fit in with your busy schedule

Upon arrival of our Packers and Movers, our trained team will assemble all the boxes and use other materials needed to protect your possessions. All boxes will be taped closed, and placed in our moving vans appropriately. Any other types of furniture can be wrapped in our great quality materials to ensure your items are free from harm. Our packers and movers are really passionate and dedicate their time to moving your items with care.

Packers and Movers have experience in relocating offices and house removals all around Kenya. We are able to tackle any problems you have regarding removals, packing, house clearances, and handymen. Please do contact us if this is the case. as we are aware of a bad experience with a packing service can lead to broken items and unhappy customers. Quasar Movers is only here to add benefits to your business/office relocation, not tear it down. So our drivers will be at your assistance with open hands.

More than the packers and Movers

We double wrap your items to protect them for the longer stay. Add special protection to ensure it will stay in great condition for as long as you need it to be stored. We shrink wrap your items to protect them from dust accumulation.

Bespoke Packing Service

We know there’s never enough time to do everything, so why put added pressure on yourself during this strenuous time – why not use our removals and packing services for your move? We can provide a Full or Partial Packing Service in Nairobi. As you may well have guessed this involves the packing of your belonging in a professional manner which greatly minimizes the risk of damage or problems with your items when moving home.

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