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What is the Cost to Move House in the Kenya?

When you are about to move to a new house in Kenya, chances are the one of the very first questions will be about the house moving costs, and more specifically, “What will be cost of hiring a moving company?”.

What you will learn from this article;

01 | How much moving companies charge

02 | Average moving costs based on your house

03 | Potential extra costs

04 | Tips to keep moving costs low

How much do moving companies charge?

In 2021 the average cost of moving a 1-bedroom house ranges between Ksh.12,000 – Ksh. 13,000, a 2-bedroom house ranges between Ksh.14,000 – Ksh.18,000, while a 3-bedroom house ranges between Ksh.19,000 – Ksh. 25,000. The cost includes professional packing services and materials, manpower to move your items, and the transport.

Some companies transfer the cost of packing services and packing materials to the client, so don’t be surprised when you are asked to pay that. However, with the above costing, you can easily get a good moving like Quasar Movers to offer you excellent moving services.

Average moving costs based on the size of house you are moving from

The moving quote you receive from any house moving company in Kenya will depend on the size of your house. A four-bedroom house, for example, will require more packing material, a larger removals vehicle, and more of the removal company’s time for furniture removal than if you’re moving out of a one-bedroom house or studio apartment.

Of course, the prices outlined above aren’t fully accurate quotes. Different move companies charge different rates in different parts of the country. But the prices are quite standard across the major cities in Kenya: Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu.

Moving costs from a one-bedroom house:

The cost ranges between Ksh.12,000 – Ksh. 13,000

Moving costs from a two-bedroom house:

The cost ranges between Ksh.14,000 – Ksh.18,000

Moving costs from a three-bedroom house:

The cost ranges between Ksh.19,000 – Ksh. 25,000

Potential extra moving costs

If you have more possessions than the average house, you may need to pay more for the time the removal workers spend loading your belongings.

Or perhaps you have some especially intricate, heavy, or cumbersome items that need to be moved by experts, like a grand heavy bath, large and expensive television. This will usually cost around Ksh. 2000 per Item.

Tips to keep moving costs low

For a stress-free move, we always recommend finding a reputable moving company. It’ll mean you have one less thing to worry about; moving house is already stressful enough! If you want to save money (and sleep better at night) there are ways to keep house removal costs low.

Book Your Moving Early

When you schedule your moves early, you will have better choices in terms of availability, services, and prices. Booking earlt gives you an advantage because the demand for reputable and experienced local and cross country movers during the peak season is so high that most top-rated movers raise their changes during those time.

Avoid Scheduling Your Move Over The Weekend

Weekends are always busy days for moving companies. Many people want to move over the weekend hence the demand for the moving services is always high. As a result, moving companies take this advantage and charge high.

If you can choose to move during a weekdays, you can get cheaper moving costs.

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