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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Moving Company

Relocating your belongings from one area to another may require you to choose a moving company. It is therefore important to avoid different things or mistakes when selecting a moving company. This will ensure the entire process will be safe for your valuable possessions.

Not Knowing If and When you Might Be Charged Extra Fees

It is advisable to ask the moving company you choose about any additional fees which may be incurred. Some moving companies charge extra fees for carrying heavy items like furniture, moving up and down the stairs or parking far away from the new home. You are responsible to ask a moving company of extra fees to avoid paying after making the move. This will reduce your moving costs.

Not Asking The Right Questions

Choosing a moving company is not an easy task as it may appear. You need more details and information about the company you select to ensure reliability and safety of your property. A moving company which is legitimate and reliable will not hesitate to give you information or answer your questions. Asking right questions will also help identifying rogue movers who will skip or be unclear answering your questions.

You can ask a moving company the following moving questions by phone or in person before you make the decision hiring it.

Failing To Have Movers Visit Your Home

When selecting a moving company, you should ensure the movers visit your home to evaluate and review your property. This will help a moving company gauge the cost of your move by providing a correct estimate. You will be able to ask any questions about moving your items which may be delicate.

Forgetting To Take Inventory

It is important to ensure an inventory list is made when choosing a moving company for an easy process. The inventory list of your household will help in approximating the movers quote and evaluate the total cost. Additionally, the inventory will ease packing and unloading your items to the new home and arranging them properly. This will save you time and ensure no item is left behind when moving as you have the list of all the items.  This guide will show you how to keep track of all your earthly possessions and introduce order and organization into the arduous moving preparations.

Doing Inadequate Research on a Moving Company

There are many moving companies on the internet and not all of them are legitimate and legal to operate. It is important to do wide research before choosing a moving company to get a reliable, reputable and legitimate mover. You need to get information and estimates of different moving companies before selecting their services to ensure a good financial deal is agreed. Doing enough research will lead you to choosing a good and reliable mover which will give you peace of mind and safety of your items.

Not Receiving Quotes From a Minimum of  Three Moving Company

You should have at least three moving companies to choose from by comparing their quotes. This will enable you to compare costs and learn experiences of people who have used the services before and select a reputable mover. Conducting your research widely on performance and quotes will ensure you select a reliable moving company and get quality services.

Choosing a Moving Company with Less or No Reputation

You need to avoid selecting a mover which has no or less reputation in the market so as to get good and quality services. This can be achieved by getting necessary information like reviews in the website and its performance. A moving company with less or no reputation will offer poor services and safety of your property is not guaranteed.

Not Choosing an Insured and Licensed Moving Company

Moving is a risky process which is uncertain and anything can happen on the way. Choosing an insured and licensed moving company will be the best decision for you to make. Safety of your belongings is assured in case of any loss or damage. This is a precaution you must take before choosing a moving company to ensure it is insured. It will give you inner peace as compensation for any loss will be paid for your belongings.

If you are moving within Kenya, you can review the best moving companies in Kenya to narrow down your choices

Poor Timing of your Move

A moving company will have a peak season where the demand and services in the market go higher. During this period, cost will increase due to high demand which will lead you paying more thus spending more money. You need to time well the period at which demand is low to move to save money and reduce price to move your items. It is therefore to make the best decision when to move and choose wisely a moving company for a safe move.

Choosing a “Very Busy” Moving Company

Some of the moving companies are usually busy in offering their services. This implies their labor force is committed and my end up delaying offering services to you. To avoid getting poor moving services, avoid choosing a busy mover. In researching and selecting a moving company, ensure you get key information about delivery time in offering services to avoid delays. Choosing a busy moving company will lead to delays thus spending a lot of time before you move.

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