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10 Ways to Find a Reputable Moving Company

Moving from one geographical area to another can be a stressful experience. It takes time for one to find a reliable moving company which is trustworthy and charges reasonably to move your treasured possessions. There are many and different factors to consider when finding a reliable moving company.

Research Moving Companies Online

You can be overwhelmed by many moving companies available from the internet. Various moving companies should be researched closely and keenly to find out the services they offer and if they match your move. Using Google search will provide websites of different moving companies; understand how they have performed before in the business. This will suddenly narrow your decision to select a reliable company offering the services you need.

Read Moving Company’s Feedbacks, Reviews and Complaints

Go through the company’s website to look reviews prior to making a final decision. This will help know if the company has good experience with its customers and learn more about them. The user reviews, complaints and the feedback the company gives are important and will determine the company to hire. Recent reviews posted by the users will highly help understand current company’s work thus finding a reliable moving company you can trust to move effectively.

Examine any Additional  Fees and Transparent Rates

Investigate and ask the fees the company charges before you decide on a reliable company for your move. Some companies may not tell if there are extra fees if you don’t ask for things like moving heavy items or going up the stairs, in an elevator or parking far from the new home. An additional fee can be applied if not asked before moving. It is also advisable to ask the rates which are based on hours and persons required for your move. If the company is not transparent about the rates and any additional fees which may arise, move to another transparent moving company.

The benefits of choosing a reliable moving company are many. Take take to find a reliable moving company without compromising on the services you will get.

Get Recommendations and Referrals from Trusted People

Using Google search may not be the best to give reliable moving companies as it gives a wide picture in the field. A best way to choose a moving company is by approaching loved ones, friends, co-workers or local message boards are more likely to give recommendations and referrals for a reliable moving company to choose. Friends and other trusted people may have used the companies before and be in a good position to recommend and refer a reliable company for your move. It is possible some of them had a bad experience for a company which on its website has a high profile. Similarly, they may have good experience with the company and give you important information which will help in finding and selecting a reliable company.

Local Expertise of a Moving Company

Local company is the best option to make when finding a reliable moving company. This is attributed to the fact that the company does not want to lose its good reputation by fooling you.  The company will try to offer best moving services in its locality so as to remain competitive and reliable in the business. By offering good moving services in the area, the company will create a good reputation. Eventually, reliability of the moving company is enhanced in the local area.

A Successful Track Record

The performance and operation of a moving company is vital in selecting a reliable mover. The number of years a company has been in the business determines its operation performance by either checking records of their rates or fees charged. A good moving company should also be registered by the transportation sector in the state to ensure reliability and legality. By checking its performance over the years, you will be able to know if it has a successful track record.

Take Inventory, Do Walk-Throughs and get Quotes

It is important to arrange an appointment for taking inventory of your possessions to move after narrowing your option to around three moving companies. Additionally, you should take a physical walk- through of the moving company to be explained well about their quotes. It should be a broad elaboration and thorough walk-throughs which will accurately give you a quote of the whole process. All these activities will help make the right decision about the financial agreement which will be fair and reasonable.

Interview at least Three Moving Companies

Once you have researched and narrowed your moving companies for the move, it is important to invite the main contenders in your home. They will provide an estimate of your possessions and give you the cost as well as clarify on any additional fees. A good reliable moving company will go through your raised question and other requirements for the move. A poor moving company will hurry for the agreement sale and may charge you a different fee during the move day.

Insurance and License

To find   a reliable moving company, you must ensure it is insured and licensed to operate the business legally. More than one person can come together, buy a truck and call themselves a moving company without registration by relevant authorities.  However, only insured and licensed companies are recommended to make financial plans for your move.

Beware of Rogue Moving Company

There are many moving companies which creates a challenge identifying a legitimate mover. For you to find and confirm a legitimate moving company, you need to find an active license, physical address of the company as well as records of services offered. Rogue movers may ask for a deposit before making the move sale agreement which should be avoided. You need a moving company with high quality service reputation and good performance in the business.

Do your Own Vetting about the Company

After researching and getting a number of companies to select, it is good to investigate them to ensure they have a high reputation in the market. This can be achieved by reading many reviews about the services offered by the company to see presence of complaints or good reviews. Additionally, by checking on social media pages of the company may give more information. Getting references from the company itself gives more light on how the company has been performing over the years.

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