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When it’s time to move out of your home or business, it’s time to call us for professional house moving services in Nairobi.

Best House Mover In Nairobi Kenya

Let Quasar Movers remove the stress, time and cost from finding reliable moving company in Nairobi. We’ll make your move as easy as possible with a dedicated move coordinator who will take care of the whole process. It all begins with an instant free quote. We pride ourselves on offering an efficient, effective and affordable moving services in Kenya.

Whether you’re moving to a new flat or a country manor, our team of Moving Experts are trained and equipped to handle your requirements. We’ve earned a 5 star rating from more than 100 happy movers and we can’t wait to give you the same satisfaction. Whatever and wherever you’re moving, Quasar  Movers are here to help.

Our house moving services include:

Why Choose Quasar Movers as your mover in Nairobi?

The advantage of using our company for house moving services in Nairobi is that client satisfaction is always our first priority. We will work hard to ensure that you move to your new home safely within the agreed schedule.

Another reason for choosing us is that the quote we give you at the start is what we maintain during the whole process of moving and the same total is what you see on the invoice we give you when the work is done.

We are one of the moving companies in Nairobi which takes the pride of giving our customers relocation services from all over Kenya. This gives us an opportunity to adopt other people’s ways of life, seeing new places, becoming acquainted with people from different cultures, and learning different customs.

Moving to a new house or home is an exciting feeling and one needs to plan out to arrange his/her new home, as you do this our moving company will ensure that your moving process is very enjoyable by offering a fully personalized service.


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Our Nairobi Moving Services

Quasar’s friendly team of movers will make your move stress-free and help deliver your possessions safely. Our superior moving services include:

Packing Services

Whether you need a hand packing your whole house and fragile items or to disassemble and reassemble a few items, we’re here to help. Just let us know your requirements, and we can organize it for the day of your move. Much better than sleeping on a mattress on the floor before the night before you leave!

We can arrange a packing service to meet your needs, no matter how big or small. Contact our helpful customer service team to find out more about our packing and unpacking services. With our full range of options, we offer the best moving service

Storage Services In Nairobi

Do you have a few days or a few months between moving from your old home to your new one? Well, worrying about where to store your belongings can be a stressful and expensive experience.

Quasar Movers services is a one-stop-shop that makes it easy by providing safe, secure, and affordable storage services for both the short-term and long-term storage needs.

Whether you need assistance with finding a secure storage company or transporting your belongings to your own storage facility, we can help. Our trustworthy Nairobi movers team has the removals experience to offer the perfect solution for your furniture between moves. We offer state-of-the-art storage facilities for all local and interstate removals; we can handle your storage requirements. Get a quick quote now.

Getting a Quote is Easy on Quasar Movers

What Does Our House Moving Service Include

  • We can manage the whole moving process from top to bottom – packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking one’s belongings
  • As an award-winning House mover company with years of experience, we know how to properly execute a house relocation
  • We can offer additional deals and services in accordance with your needs
  • Regardless if you are located in Nairobi or in any other part of the Kenya, Quasar Movers can help you move

Moving House FAQ

How early should I schedule my move?

Ideally as soon as you have decided where to move to and at the same time decided when you want to move out it would be wise to give us a call a week earlier. The earlier you contact us the easier it will be to ensure we can help you move on the dates you require.

The more notice we have regarding your moving date the more likely you are to secure the date that best suits you.

Do you offer a packing service?

No, we will help you with that. Whether it be one room or your entire house or office, our moving and removalists team are experienced professionals to pack your valuables.

Do You disassemble beds and other furniture?

Our moving specialists will assemble and disassemble your furniture while protecting them against damage. In case you have something that needs to be disabled by an expert we will hire one and share the cost.

Do we provide packing materials?

We can provide you with a range of professional packing materials to protect your items. If you wish to pack yourself these materials will be delivered to your home prior to collection date.

How much will you charge for house move?

Quasar Movers price is very competitive and priced in a way to meet every clients needs. We charge a flat price which is agreed upon before the move. Quote is based on moving location, no of story’s in the building, heavy items like furniture etc and pick-up to drop-off location.
Click here to request a Quote for your move

How long will the house moving service take?

When our sales people provide you with a Quote, they will explain how the moving will be structured and estimated time frame the moving experts should take for the house moving process not including any travel time.

What house hold items you don't move?

We might not be able to move anything that is flammable, explosive or toxic including items like aerosol cans, swimming pool treatments, pesticides, oil or cleaning solvents.

What is the cheapest day and the best day to move?

All the days excluding holidays, the most economical time to move is Monday To Friday. Many customers don’t ask for moving services during weekday because of work schedule. Request for house moving services during weekday and take advantage of this cost-saving benefit if you can afford to miss one day in the office

Move home efficiently with Quasar Movers

One of the biggest obstacles of moving home is having all of the furniture in your current home removed and transported to your new home. Planning moving days and organizing your new home can be a stressful experience, without having to worry about moving all of your furniture. There are also removals companies that will charge a large sum for what we would consider a standard amount of work. Of course, the price will vary depending on the situation but at Quasar Movers, we will always give you a fair quote and never overcharge as we pride ourselves on providing an affordable but effective service.

When moving home becomes too stressful, Quasar Movers are the people you should call, as we’re reliable and professional, so you know you can count on us to get the job done. We can take the pressure off and you can relax, knowing that we’re handling the removal of your furniture and taking good care of it. Whether it’s fragile items or large items, we treat every piece of furniture with care to ensure there are no breakages or damage to your furniture. Nothing makes moving home more stressful than movers who don’t take care of their customer’s items. Fortunately, that’s never been us and we’ve always treated customers’ goods with proper care.

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