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House Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving is part and parcel of your life. Removing all your household belongings to loading the items can be a stressful task which can take most of your time and energy. Moving your house therefore requires planning to ensure a successful and safe process during the move. For a house full of many belongings, you need to have planners as well as moving tips and tricks to ensure the process becomes smooth. Fortunately, getting advice from experienced moving experts and using moving tips and tricks makes the process easier for your house move.

It is therefore important to consider applying the following house moving trips to have the best way of relocating:

Find Free Moving Packages at Recycling Zones

Don’t spend your hard-earned money purchasing moving boxes. You can find big boxes at your local recycling drop-off points, offices, book and liquor stores or even packages thrown by your neighbors. This will go a long way in reducing the cost for your move and save some amount for the entire process. You can find free moving boxes near you to ensure your move is as cost-efficient as possible

Utilize Old Boxes for Electronic Devices

Remember to reuse your old boxes for electronics like television and other appliances delivered in cartons. All these packages will be of great importance packing your belongings for your house move. The boxes will ensure your items are perfectly packed and fit in well thus safety of the property moving safely. Reusing these boxes will eventually save you money which could be used purchasing new packages.

Dispose  Items by Donating and Selling

Before moving your house, check the items and decide which you can keep or sell. You can opt to give charity like Goodwill by donating items like clothing, furniture and other household items. This will reduce your belongings making your house move easier. Eventually, this will give you more time to concentrate on other things for your house move.

Acquire Quotes From At least Three Movers

Obtain quotes from at least three different moving companies to compare their charges and services. Ensure you research and get right information about the companies before considering the best and reliable mover. When acquiring quotes, ensure the moving company is also insured and licensed for legitimacy and security of your household items.

Take Photos of Fragile Items Before Packing

It is advisable to take photos “before” packing your belongings of delicate and valued items. This will help in case of any damages or losses during the transit caused by the moving company. The photos will assist in filing claims and seeking compensations for your belongings.

Select a Mid-Week and Mid-Month Move Date

According to Ryan Carrigan, the co-founder of move Buddha, it is good to arrange the earliest slot available in the morning you are moving.  You also need to consider moving at the middle of the month and probably mid-week day when demand is low. During this time, the prices will be lower and most moving companies have low rates for weekdays. Weekends usually have high demands as many people opt to move on Saturday or Sunday. Mid-month also have low rates as compared to the last and first weekends of a month.

Don’t Allow a Mover  “Squeeze you in”

If a moving company is booked or busy on the day you are moving, don’t hesitate to look for another one which is readily available. You should not allow moving companies to squeeze you into their program which may not be convenient for you. The moving company may end up offering you higher charges and poor services. Squeezing you into their busy schedule means you may get poorly trained and exhausted workers who can delay your move by arriving several hours late.

Plan a Time Off of Your Work

When you are employed and with a full time job, the weekend seems to be the best time to move. If your entire house move takes like 2 days, Monday will be a tiresome day for you at work. It is wise to take a day or two off from your work to reduce fatigue and be energized. This will give you time to unpack and arrange your belongings in the new house.

Don’t Buy Groceries  Two Weeks Prior Your Move

You need to finish all your stored foodstuffs in the refrigerator and freezer within two weeks of moving. This will make it easier moving your refrigerator when empty and save you from purchasing foods during that period.  It will also save time you spend on cooking thus focusing on other areas of your house.

Get all your Moving Items in one Trip

It will be convenient for you to relocate your household items in a single trip. It will save you time packing, moving and unloading after reaching the new home. Moving in one trip will help you don’t forget some items during the move.

Save Donation Receipts for Tax Season

After donating household items to charity such as Goodwill, you need to keep the receipts for tax seasons. You will use the receipts to claim income tax deductions in your salary thus earning more. The relevant tax authorities will give you relief and deductions from your income which will save you being taxed higher.

Ensure the Moving Truck has a Parking Area

Ensure the new home you are moving, you will get a parking spot for the moving truck to park and unload your belongings. This will save time and avoid paying a parking ticket from your neighbors. Additionally, if the truck is parked far from the new house, you may end up incurring more cost by paying extra costs.

Get Extra Cash to Tip Your Movers

You may give a tip for a job well done by the movers who perform the whole process. It is recommended to visit your ATM the night before the move to get some cash if you plan to tip your movers for a good job. If you think the moving company performed well as professionals for your move, you may consider giving them a tip.

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