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Furniture Movers Nairobi

Quasar Movers is the ideal company to opt for when it comes to moving your belongings. We realize that your furniture is one of the most valuable and treasured possessions in your home. Maintaining your furniture in pristine condition demands expertise and skills which our furniture movers in Nairobi possess.

With over 30 years of experience in moving furniture, Quasar Movers guarantee the safe collection, delivery and secure storage of your furniture. Serving across Nairobi, we have a large fleet of vehicles that allow us to move any type of furniture.

Furniture Moving

With furniture removal, it’s vital to have removalists you can trust, as furniture can be both fragile and difficult to coordinate. Whether a sofa removal, armoire delivery or anything in between, you want to be sure your items are in good hands.

Why choose a moving company over DIY?

Moving can be quite a daunting job. However, by working with professional movers, you can significantly simplify the entire process. Some of the reasons why it is important to hire a moving company as opposed to doing it on your own include:

  1. Professionals offer packaging materials and packing services, which ensures that all your belongings are safely loaded to a truck, shipped, and offloaded from the truck.
  2. Hiring a professional will also save you time. Since the moving company is going to do everything for you from packing to loading to shipping to offloading, you will have time to do other things and settle in your new home.
  3. Hiring professionals may also help you save money, this may sound unlikely, but the truth is that your lack of experience in the job can lead to damages that can cost you a lot if you choose DIY. Professionals have the necessary skills to ensure that damages that are associated with moving are minimized.

Extraordinary Experiences

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Every moving company is different, here’s what you should expect:

How to prepare furniture for delivery

There are a few reliable rules of thumb to consider when preparing your furniture for transport. The legwork you’ll need to put in will depend on what level of service you book your transport with. For white-glove or full service delivery, the courier will prepare the item by carefully wrapping the item for protection. Additionally, you’ll need to measure the furniture as well as the doorways the item will need to fit through, as well as weighing them for an accurate quote.

There are also special care tips to consider for individual furniture items.

Mattresses – Consider a mattress bag if your mattress will be exposed in a lorry or the elements. If your mattress is being moved with a frame, be sure to disassemble it and put all parts like nuts and bolts in a separate plastic bag.

Electronics – Some of the most commonly moved electronics are TVs, which need to be treated very carefully during removal. If your TV can be moved in the box in which it came, this is ideal. If not, be sure to remove all cords and accessories and package them separately for easy reassembly later.  After packing, make sure to properly label (and color code, if you’re up for it) each box based on its corresponding room in your new home. Not only will this make it easy for your movers to figure what goes where, but it will also make the unpacking process easier for you.

Couches or Sofas – If possible, remove any legs or outlying pieces. Take off removable cushions and pillows. Carefully measure your couches, pianos and other large items to make sure they’ll be able to fit through your door or window. This is particularly important if doorways are pretty small or the furniture is particularly bulky and large, your movers may need a heads up. This way they can plan ahead and bring the right supplies for your move.

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