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The Cost of Hiring a Moving Company

Moving can cause physical, emotional, and financial stress. There is little you can do about emotions weighing you down due to your moving worries. On the other hand, you can do a lot to solve your physical and financial moving needs, mostly the physical moving part. You can do this by hiring a professional moving company to handle the entire moving process. When it comes to any business, price is the first thing that comes to mind, and the same goes for hiring a moving company.

 It is crucial to keep in mind that different moving companies charge different prices depending on various factors. Hence, it is advisable to weigh each company’s services and consider if they offer quality services for your money. There are many factors involved in the cost of hiring a moving company, but the distance between your current location and your new destination and the number of belongings you want to move (load weight/size of the move) takes the lead.

The following five factors are some of the things you should have in mind when comparing the cost of hiring a move since they will determine how the company you choose will charge you.

Distance Between Your Old Location and Your New Destination

The first thing any moving company will ask you when you contact them for your moving needs is the distance the whole move will cover. Obviously, moving to a more extended destination will cost more since a longer distance will require more resources, including more time and more fuel for the moving truck.

Some extra road tolls, for instance, parking fees for the truck at night and on the same note, the whole moving crew might need a place (guest house) to spend the night, and all these expenses will be included in your inventory, thus making the whole moving process to be more expensive.

Size of The Move/Load Weight

It’s only logical that the number of properties you want to move to be the second thing the moving company bases its pricing on after talking about the distance. Since these properties are the main reason, you are hiring them in the first place. The greater the number of goods, the more the price the moving company will charge you.

Moving a three-bedroom house will be more expensive than moving a one-bedroom house because a bigger house has more belongings. Many properties will require more services, including a bigger moving truck, more time, and many staff members to do the packaging, loading, and offloading services.

The Timing of Your Move

It is advisable to avoid moving during certain seasons, for example, high seasons like festive seasons, Easter Holidays, public holidays when everybody else is moving, and the transportation sector is experiencing congestion. At this time, it’s more likely that the price of moving will be much higher than usual.

It is also more convenient to move during summer when the weather is favorable to make the moving process easy and smooth. During dry seasons, the roads will be in good shape, reducing the risks of the properties getting damaged during the transportation process.

Extra Special Requirements and Services

In any business negotiation, extra service means another additional cost, and the same goes for moving services. Some extra services can be optional since you can choose to do them by yourself. Other additional services are circumstantial as they are necessary for the moving process to be successful.

Letting the moving company handle all the extra services like providing packing boxes, packing and unpacking, disassembling and assembling your belongings, and unmounting and mounting TVs on the walls will make the moving company charge you more.

The Complexity of the Moving

Moving can become complicated in different ways. Moving clients to very remote, hostile, and inaccessible areas can cause many inconveniences, especially for the moving truck. The nature of your properties will also determine the cost of your move.

 Moving more fragile properties will require special attention and services like special packing boxes, experienced loading and offloading teams, making the cost higher. Delicate properties will also need a well-organized truck to ensure that your properties are not at risk during the transportation process.

Transporting delicate properties will require the truck to move slower, making the moving process consume a lot of time and energy in terms of fuel. All these extra services will be included in your final charges, making the whole move more expensive.

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