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Leading Moving Company in Nairobi

We are a trusted moving company in Nairobi. When it’s time to move out of your home or business, it’s time to call Quasar Movers. We make it easy on you and faster than the other.

Movers in Nairobi, Kenya and beyond

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The Nairobi moving company that always goes the extra mile

At Quasar Movers we understand that every move is unique so we plan each one individually. We deliver a comprehensive and personalized moving service built especially for you and we leave nothing to chance. Our experienced movers and packers have been crafting tailored moving services since 2014 and we work hard to maintain our status as one of the cheapest movers in Nairobi.

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Trusted Local Moving Service in Nairobi

At Quasar Movers we take pride in our ability to constantly and consistently apply good conduct in all aspects of your moving services. The process of moving is no walk in the park neither is it an inexpensive plan, that’s why it’s in your best interest to hire professional movers with professional experts and Quasar is the one to choose.

Considering the fact that Moving requires a lot of energy, effort, commitment, dedication and it needs a well planned time due to its complexity, you will realize that Quasar is in your best interest since we handle all aspects of your moving process so that you get enough time to focus on other important  issues related to your moving. Compared to other movers in Kenya, we lead in service delivery and client satisfaction.

We take every move seriously and work hard to deliver beyond our clients expectations



Your All-In-One Moving Services Provider in Nairobi

We provide professional house moving services in Nairobi. We have friendly professional experts who will ensure all your households are well taken care of and protected during the move.

When it it come to office moving services, we are the best. We will give you the safest and the quickest office movement that will ensure that you resume office operation immediately.

If you need temporary storage of your items, we have enough storage space to store you possessions. We offer high profile warehousing and storage services to our clients.

Packing materials and packaging services, Quasar movers offers a variety of specialized boxes and packing materials to include: boxes, wardrobe boxes, picture pack and plasma/flat screen TV boxes and more.

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Interstate & International Moving

If you are moving outside Kenya, and across borders, Quasar Movers we do all customs clearance at the borders, document processing e.t.c., and deliver the goods to your destinations safely and within the agreed time.

With us, you can arrange an efficient furniture courier service within 48 hours of purchasing your new items. Our experts are experienced and equipped to handle various furniture and piano delivery tasks to save you time and effort

Quasar Movers Nairobi - Our Clients Come First

We put customer satisfaction first. That is precisely why Quasar Movers offers such a variety of moving deals in Kenya, tailored to our clients’ budget and individual requirements. With an easy booking process, free on-site surveys, it comes to no surprise, we are amongst the best moving companies in Nairobi and Kenya. For close to a decade, we have not only succeeded in building an immaculate reputation but also possess the necessary tools to back it up.

Excellent in moving services

All our moving trucks have trolleys to be used for purposes such as securing your furniture, lifting heavy items, and covering all fragile items included in your Move.

Quasar Movers is your trusty domestic removal services company based in Nairobi. If you are moving house or your business, simply give us a call and tell us all the details. Soon the expert movers will be on their way to carry out your relocation.

The packers and movers Nairobi are always carrying tools for furniture assembly and disassembling. This makes your “moving house” more simple, smooth and stress free. Drivers employed by quasarsmovers.com have tracking devices installed in both their Removal Trucks and their phones to Corporate a more efficient and organized moving service for our customers.

The Nairobi moving company that always goes the extra mile

At Quasar Movers we understand that every move is unique so we plan each one individually. We deliver a comprehensive and bespoke moving service built especially for you and we leave nothing to chance. Our experienced packers and movers have been crafting tailored moving services since 2014 and we work hard to maintain our status as one of the best removal companies in Nairobi.

Moving is a personal experience. Our team of Nairobi professional movers will work on building trust with you and your family or friends to help put any worries at ease. We also understand that moving can be associated with very exciting times in a person’s life.

No matter what circumstances bring you to search for a professional moving company, we want you to be confident that choosing to move with the top-rated local movers will always be a pleasant experience.

We Are Friendly & Reliable!


Looking for stress-free Nairobi removals?

We Plan Every Moving Detail

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Whether you’re moving a large flat, a family home or a business with thousands of staff, at Quasar Movers Nairobi will plan every detail. On the day, our handpicked team of trained removal porters will carefully pack, move and deliver every single item as planned.

Our team of professional experts have all the skills needed to do an excellent house move in Nairobi and office move and dealing with clients moving needs. When you hire us to move you, you can be sure that you will get the best service and never regret it.

We have been in operation for the last three years and since then we have acquired a good reputation due to our excellent moving service delivery. Everyone that has worked with us praises us for our excellent work and recommends us to others to try our moving services.

Our Moving Numbers Don't Lie


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Looking for a Moving company that services all over Nairobi and Greater Nairobi?

We’ve been moving people and their stuff – to Nairobi, from Nairobi and around Nairobi since 2014. We think we’re pretty good at it. This is where most firms tell you how trustworthy and experienced they are.

But we’d rather you heard it from some of the people we’ve moved over the past couple of years. So here’s just some of the positive feedback we’ve had for our Nairobi removals service.

What Our Customers Say

Great and reliable moving company in Nairobi. I used their services in the past, and now again when I moved this year.

Great and reliable moving company. I used their services in the past, and now again when I moved this year.

The staff was on time and professional

The staff was on time professional and respectful. I would highly recommend to any Nairobian looking for a moving company to use them and plan to use their services if needed again.

Great experience from start to finish

Everything went better than expected! Everyone was very helpful. I would definitely use Quasar Movers Nairobi if I had to move again. Perhaps it’s a bit pricey but worth every penny.

The movers did a great job

These movers did a great moving our furniture down the stairs in our old house and up the stairs in our new house! They were very professional and courteous. Great moving company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does moving a house cost in Nairobi?

House moving costs in Nairobi typically start at around Ksh. 12000 for a one bedroom house. A two bedroom will cost Ksh. 14, 000 – Ksh. 17, 000, A three bedroom will cost Ksh. 17, 000 – Ksh. 24, 000. The price depends on the number of possessions and the moving distance. The more possessions you have the more you will pay because it will take more manpower and resources to move your items. Also the bigger the distance to the destination the more you will pay because longer distances will consume more fuel.

Quasar Movers moving prices are very competitive and priced in a way to meet every clients needs. We charge a flat price which is agreed upon before the move. Quote is based on moving location, no of story’s in the building, heavy items like furniture etc. and pick-up to drop-off location.

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2. When is the best time to move in Nairobi?

The best days to move in are Monday through Friday. This is when moving companies have the lowest bookings and is easy to get one cheaply. Avoid the weekends, as those are the most expensive times to move.

If you’ve decided to move with Quasar Movers the time of moving doesn’t matter. We’re ready to move you anytime and our team can handle your move with the utmost care at affordable prices.

3. Will movers disassemble and reassemble my Items during the relocation?

Unlike other movers in Nairobi Quasar Movers crew will disassemble and reassemble beds for your relocation. The dismantling and reassembly of other items is part of our normal service where dismantling is necessary, and such work is not affected by the need for specialized tools.

4. How long does it take to move?

The time it takes to move depends on many factors, such as the time of year, weather, size of your possessions, time required to load and unload, and the direction and distance of the place you are relocating to. On average house move takes between 3hrs and and 7hrs.

5. How do I move house in Nairobi?

The first step to moving is first identifying a good moving company that will guarantee safe move of your possessions. The second step is to decide which day to move. Monday to Wednesday is typically the easiest time to move house. Moving during rush hour on a Friday is going to cause obvious problems. In some cases, your apartment building may have rules to stop you from using the lift during peak times.

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